2012 Merlot Bogle Vineyards Kalifornien


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2012 Merlot Bogle Vineyards Kalifornien

2012 Merlot Bogle Vineyards Kalifornien

Reich, intensive Aromen von wilden Beeren und Pflaumen, sehr harmonische Tannine und lang anhaltend. Bogle ist DER Einstiegskalifornier schlechthin.


Ursprungsland: USA; Region: Kalifornien

Alkoholgehalt in % vol. : 14,5

Allergene: Enthält Sulfite

Erzeuger/Abfüller: Bogle Vineyards, 37783 Co Rd 144, Clarksburg, CA 95612, USA

The exceptional growing season was marked by a relatively long, cool summer. Grapes hung on the vine happily until harvest and the resulting vintage has brought us a Merlot wine full of bigger structure, deeper color and more complex aromatics.

The first impression: a sensory overload of ripe fruits and savory garden herbs that overwhelms the nose. Summer plums and sweet cherries create a full entry and even bigger mouthfeel than lingers and languishes with the toasty vanilla from the American oak barrels. Remaining silky and smooth in texture, the wine finishes with sturdy tannins that wrap up this gift perfectly.


Our Merlot can easily be enjoyed on its own or with a multitude of different food pairings: soft cheeses and paté, pork or pasta dishes. Your imagination should be limitless…


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